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Interviews with participants in the Festival


On the first day of their stay in Sliven and Bulgaria, some members of the visiting ensembles together with their leaders took part in a festival studio which was broadcast on the local television. The guests shared their first impressions of our city, introduced their countries and ensembles, and expressed their expectations of wonderful performances during the festival. Some of them felt quite embarrassed in front of the cameras, while others were quite relaxed.

Simona Veykuta is fifteen and comes from Lithuania – “We are from Lithuania, form the city of Kaunas, and our group is called Kaukutis. There are 60 children in the group – we dance, sing and play different instruments.” We were very glad to get your invitation to come to Bulgaria, and we hope we will have a great time here.”

Gukche Gursel is fifteen, too, and comes from Turkey. “I am a member of the folklore group of the Turkish Television and Radio in Ankara. I hope my country and my group will give a brilliant performance, and I hope I will make new friends.”

Chiuta Kozmin is twelve and comes from neighbouring Rumania –“I come from north-east Rumania, form the region of Bistritsa. I am really glad to be here and I hope to come again.”

Robert Iovesky is thirteen and he comes form Macedonia. – “I like it very much here. I will represent my country and I hope I will make a lot of new friends.”

Gabrisha Turchinska is from Poland. She is thirteen years old. –“ I would like to greet all participants in the festival and to wish them to give a good performance.”