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The city of Sliven looks like a colourful mosaic, arranged by the most gifted artists. The pictures of the seasons alternate and the faces of the people change, the years and times go their way. However, Sliven is still here, as it has been since ancient times, keeping for its descendants testimonies of its former fame.
Fascinating is the countryside in the vicinity– to the north of the city lie the magnificent Sini Kamani (the Blue Stones), the pinnacles of which tower up in the sky and embrace the whole city, protecting it from bitter winds. The mountains hide crystal clear   streams where eagles come to drink water in order to live forever. The woods tell legends about brave heroes such as Hajji Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha, whisper words about bravery, sing Chintulov’s songs and treasure the free and independent spirit of its residents.

If you look south, the vast fields of Sliven will stretch to the horizon and take your breath away. Just below your feet nestles the city, where three rivers– Selishka, Novoselska and Assenovska meet. Their confluence gave the name of the city. These rivers are garrulous, they know everything and they carry it far and wide, far southwards. In their waters the sun bathes before it rushes over the roofs of the houses. Then it stops in the branches of the Old Elm-tree that has been the meeting place for the young and the old for over 1,000 years. If you happen to lose your way in the intricacy of Sliven’s streets, or if you want to find some old friends of yours, one thing is for sure – you will meet them by the Old Elm-tree, under the Clock Tower, the meeting place for everyone to have a cup of coffee and to pass the time of day.

Further south, as far as the eye can see, spread out vast vineyards, bent with grapes, soaked in sunlight and sweet scents. What magic is wine – amber white and sparkling red… Wine has been the pride of Sliven since time immemorial. Thracians, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians all derived enjoyment and strength from local vineyards.
In the fields ripen the famous cherries and peaches of Sliven. Since early morning the fruit-growers offer their fruit at the market. Nowhere else will you find a more tempting place which brings together all four seasons to offer the gifts from nature.

The wind of Sliven dashes to and fro along the streets, runs into the gardens, knocks on the windows and tells the story of a city in the easternmost part of Thrace, close to the Black Sea; a city which is well-known and mysterious, old and modern, a friendly city that will welcome you at any time…