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Republic of Bulgaria

Capital city: Sofia
Area: 110 994 sq. km.
Population: 7, 537, 929
Official language: Bulgarian
Currency: lev
National holiday: 3rd March
State system: Republic          
Head of State: President
Legislative body:Parliament
Executive body: Government




Look for Bulgaria on the map in the southern part of Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, by the Black Sea, along the white Danube, look for it where the Balkan mountain and the snow-covered peaks of Rila soar up, where the sky is the bluest, and the sun generously scatters its beams all over the green valleys and dales, abundant in fruit.
Do not hesitate and set off. Once you have come to Bulgaria, once you have seen its beauty, you will love it once and for all. You will feel at home here, you will perceive this country as warm-hearted as a good friend, as tempting as an exciting memory of an unforgettable journey.


Here is your invitation – a window through which you can see paradise. Open it, breathe in the scent of the Bulgarian roses, feel the Bulgarian beauty, and do not think it is a dream. It is Bulgaria.